Rainy Nice – and a pinch of Monaco


Skipping the summer holiday this year made me a serious beach craving freak. It also made me decide to go to Nice, France in mid-October – because the weather must be sunny and warm, I can finally swim in the sea, right. I checked it and it supposed to be a nice weather but Nice decided to fool me.

Apart from the unfortunate weather it is a lovely city with cute little streets, where you can sense a bit of an Italian style not only on the streets but in the restaurants as well.

I couldn’t imagine a better start to my very first day in France than a crêpe – filled with Nutella, of course. As you can see I already had a tiny little bite before taking a picture.



The landscape is absolutely AMAZING from the Castle Hill! There’s even a beautiful waterfall, called Colline du Château. Definitely a must go place if you ever visit Nice!


I love wandering aimlessly whenever I’m in a different country. This is how we bumped into a sweet Italian deli and we immediately knew what we’re going to have for dinner. Breakfast and starters are the ABSOLUTE FAVORITES for me!!! Literally can jump and party around a nice brunch any time. What can be better than your own styled plate of starters with fresh bread?!

Moving on to bread…walking back from our first day I was looking for a cute little bakery and luckily we found it with fresh warm bread. I was beyond happy – yes, small things make me happy!

We decided to go there for breakfast the next morning. Can you tell how excited I was?!
Check it out on Facebook and if you wish to have an amazing French breakfast in Nice, just go there! Boulangerie Pâtisserie Jeannot 

We had puff pastry with melting cheese inside – can’t remember the name – and croissant with butter&jam plus cappuccino of course. It was so delicious we went there every day after and it even saved us from the rain once. They serve everything from sandwiches to desserts and whatever I tried was amazing! Loved it!


Another place to mention and which I highly recommend is Di Più Nice. Honestly in those 4 days we had a few bad experiences with restaurants, mostly because we have never been in Nice and we tried to explore it by ourselves. Anyways, on our last night we went to this amazing restaurant located on the États-Unis, so it has a beautiful view to the sea.

The sizing is definitely way too much for me in this city but this meal was one of the highlights of the trip. We tried spaghetti with seafood and rigatoni al forno – it was just as delicious as it would be in Italy!

I also have to mention the service. I’m a person who will walk out of any restaurant if the waiter/waitress is impolite because I’m always kind to the staff. Yes, I worked in customer service, yes I absolutely know how guests can be super irritating and I have never been disrespectful with any guests, no metter what he/she did or say.
This restaurant knows how to make the customer satisfied and happy with the service – a huge respect for that!


Regardless to the huge sizing, there’s always space for dessert, right?! Di Piu’s strawberry, raspberry, cranberry sorbet is just perfect!


We definitely needed a long walk at the seaside after this dinner, so we passed by Le Negresco and we were just amazed by the beautiful lights.


I was a bit disappointed we couldn’t go to Monaco because the weather was so unpredictable and rainy. Probably we had the biggest rain on our last days morning, then suddenly the Sun came up. I went crazy because I just madly wanted to see Monaco and I took it as a sign.

We had just about an hour there, but we made it and I definitely need to go back!



All in all Nice is a wonderful city. I’m sure I would’ve enjoy it even more if I could’ve swim a bit. I’d go back to that little bakery shop in a heartbeat and there’s much more to discover in the French Riviera!

Now here’s my first and favourite photo of Nice and a few more about the city.



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