Wanderlust in Krakow – A lovely gem in Poland

You know the feeling when a city is just so close to you, you don’t even think about going there. After hearing many great feedback about Krakow, I finally decided to go there – plus the bus tickets were really cheap!

I totally fell in love with the city – like crazy! Krakow is simply the BEST DECISION if you ever feel like ‘let’s get out of here’ at home. It’s not a big city at all, 2 days is perfectly enough to see everything, but I could’ve stayed for two more weeks just to try out all the restaurants that catched my eyes.


Lux Express offers tickets on a very decent price! Plus I must say, the buses are rather comfy – although I can sleep on any moving vehicles anyway. We arrived in the early morning and decided to check out the sights before everything would be full of tourists.



The Wawel Royal Castle is beautiful with all its colours and there are flowers everywhere. We even went inside the Wawel Cathedral where I didn’t take photos – good girl!

Apart from breakfast places, I also like to discover nice cafes. Luckily we got a recommendation from locals. At first sight Alchemia can be a bit creepy – well, it freaked me out. But it’s seriously the place to be in Krakow! God knows why, I felt like I can hide from the world in there and they have an amazing variety of teas and coffees. Surprisingly I asked for a cappuccino and hummus. Yes, I eat hummus in almost every place I go to!

For the main meal we went to Zalewajka. Zalewajka is one of the cool looking restaurants in Krakow, with kind waitresses and a traditional Polish menu – a real traditional one.  Chose to eat pierogi and how well we decided! Look at these Polish dumplings filled with cottage cheese and bacon on top – yumm.

We were just wandering around the city admiring the sunshine and the fact that the city wasn’t full of tourists. Before going back to the accomodation we had a final look on Rynek Glowny – main square.


The next day was only about chilling an walking around..again. There’s a famous Polish sandwich, called zapiekanka which we obviously had to try. Sadly it was a bit of a disappointment for me. Maybe we picked the wrong place or maybe it was my unstoppable fear of pigeons – they were just coming closer and closer.


The last place we went to was one of my favourites in the city. I don’t even know what’s the place called. The area was full of fast food trucks and hammocks. Finally I had the chance to try the famous thai ice-cream. I literally watched all the videos about it on Instagram – rediculous I know. Obviously I asked for a mango-chocolate flavour…and WOW!!! Swinging in my hammock, eating the delish ice-cream. Loved it!

After this delicious goodness, we headed to the bus station as it was time to go home. As you can already guess, I highly recommend to visit Krakow if you’re in need of some battery charging! Best time to go is between March-May or August-October – in my opinion. 🙂



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