Work Smarter Not Harder – in 6 Easy Steps!


Time management is the key to work efficiency – everyone knows that! Do you want to know how to organise your days perfectly in order to have more time for yourself? Do you constantly want to feel productive, balanced and fulfilled? It’s easier than you think and I have something which can help you just a little to get that extra time for yourself every week!bestYou all know by now that this post is not going to be about food recipes, neither my travel experiences. It is however one truly important topic in all of our lives – time management. Having enough time for myself to charge my batteries and be able to stay a bubbly person I am is almost as important as air – for me! I’m not trying to save the world here and I’m not going to give a guide which will be perfect and suitable for everyone. I will only tell you what I do to keep organised, motivated and to have more me time!

Here’s my little gift for all of my lovely readers. Thank you for all the support and amazing feedback you gave me so far! I hope my tips and the Weekly planner will help you get closer to anything you want to be closer to!!!



It all starts with a personalised, nice, spacious diary. It can be Google CalendariPhone Calendar or any Android Calendars – for the tech people. And then there are the weirdos – just like me – who admire and love tech devices but still need to see things written down on paper! I might be a bit late on the second week of the year – but still better later than never.

I didn’t like any of the bigger weekly planners in the stores so I just made one for myself! Probaly I’m not the only one who likes to see the upcoming happenings on the wall in front of the desk. That’s why I wanted to share it and hopefully it’s going to motivate even those who don’t normally use calendars.



Whenever I plan ahead I need to think with a clear mind – usually on a Sunday evening. Constantly getting messages and notifications is way too annoying and distracting while organising your week! If you’re a paper planner person, or using your phone calendar, turn off the Wi-Fi/4G for half an hour! If you’re using Google Calendar on PC, close all the other windows for 30 minutes! You will not miss anything on Facebook!

Get a piece of paper and write down everything you want to do in the next week. Then pair your plans with days and prioritize. Finally, fill out your calendar – this way you won’t end up crossing lines at every second day’s activities, if you know what I mean




Set goals for yourself before every week! Start with small things – exercise once a week, read a new book, help someone in need. It will motivate you 10x more if you see your goals written down! Not to mention the feeling of achievement!


#4 – SUMMARISE ~ be proud of yourself

When the week is finished, sit down and think about why are you proud of yourself that week. Did you started an interesting course on Coursera or listened to Podcast instead of music on the way to uni/work? Did you skip one day eating chocolate – that’s a hard one for me btw! Amazing, you can write it down and it will make you love yourself a bit more week by week! I don’t need to mention why it is important to love yourself, right?!


#5 – SUMMARISE ~ change what doesn’t work

What if one of your set goals didn’t work out? No problem! You can write it down to the What didn’t go well? How to change it? section and next time you will take more care of it. We all do mistakes, we all have failures and we all choose fast food sometimes – these things make us HUMANS! 😉



I added inspirational quote images to the bottom right side. Yes, I know what you think..what a cliché?! But I also know that everyone has one or more favourite quotes and there’s a reason why it is popular on PinterestInstagram and coaches use them a lot as well! If you don’t like it, you can get it out of your planner. You can also change it to any other pictures.
Do you want to get fit? – Add photos of your dream body.
Do you want to be healthier? – Add photos of healthy meals.
Do you want to travel more? – Add photos of your dream destinations.
Whatever you see every day in front of your desk, behind your bed or wherever you place it, will make a huge impact in your everyday life!

Spend 30 minutes on Sundays to plan your week ahead and you will see that you will become more productivebecause when you have a set time to do things, you can focus better! You will be more balanced because your schedule will be always clear! Finally, you will become more fulfilled because you will accomplish your own goals week by week!


You can download the Weekly planner in English and in Hungarian. Feel free to change the timing, this one works best for me. Print it out and place it wherever you want to. Don’t be surprised that it’s not until December. I will share the whole year version later on. For the full version, I would like to get some feedback to make it better..

Let me know if you like the system of it or not! Let me know what more could it give to you! Let me know what type of pictures would you like to see?!

Happy planning Everyone! ❤




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