What makes a restaurant Top Notch?!

Going to restaurants is such an amazing experience! You don’t only go for the food but to be in a different atmosphere and to escape from everyday life. Plus there are many criterions each and every restaurants should fulfil. Here’s a short list along with a review about Almárium bisztro.

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved the feeling of sitting in a restaurant with the excitement of something special to arrive.

Back in 2016 I had a Christmas dinner at Almárium, a lovely place in the heart of Budapest. Although I heard about it before, I never actually went to try their menu.
We had our own Christmas menu with starter, main and dessert – of course – which we chose in advance.

The atmosphere immediately gets you as you step in the glass door. Almárium is cosy, friendly and has that warm welcome feeling you crave for on a chilly winter night.

fullsizerender-42Photo from: Almárium Bisztró

Before we got the appetizers, we had a one-bite snack of homemade ham with honey ginger flavoured pumpkin. It was just perfect for our first shot of pálinka – the ultimate Hungarian spirit! I could probably live on starters so that won my heart already at the beginning of the night.


First course was turkey filled with chestnut and dried fruits. Fun fact is that I’m not a fan of turkey meat, and I rarely ever eat chestnut because I don’t like it either. But!
It was absolutely delicious and I made the perfect choice! The turkey wasn’t dry – which is my problem with it most times. That chestnut filling gave it a special taste along with the sweetness of the dried fruits. I must mention though that this is a meal for people who like salty with sweet.

Seasoned breadcrumbs fried catfish was next on my plate with spinach tagliatelle. The highlight of the night – apart from the amazing pálinka! Soft, crumbly fish with crispy crumbs melted like butter, plus that spinach tagliatelle..AMAZING! Tagliatelle is my favourite type of pasta, love it so much! I have to reproduce it pretty soon!


As the desserts arrived nobody could remember what we choose earlier from the list. That was a good reason for me to try all three options – tricky me! I’ll be honest as always, I felt like the chef run out of energy at this point. We got rosemary cottage cheese cream with sour apple and brittle, almond panettone with chocolate mousse and gingerbread crème brûlée. I couldn’t sense the rosemary in cottage cheese cream at all, the panettone was a bit dry for me, but the crème brulèe was quite alright. Ten of us agreed on this unfortunately. Apart from the dessert, everything was perfect! Only those who work make mistakes.

All in all, I highly HIGHLY recommend Almárium bisztro!!! I checked their menu and unfortunately I couldn’t find what we had in there. Nevertheless I’m planning to go back for a smoked corn cream soup with homemade spicy nachos – how amazing that must be! Look, they even have sweet ‘little’ turtles.


As you can see, quality and tasty food is the first on my priority list whenever I go to a restaurant. It is not everything though! If you read my previous article about Nice you might remember the opinion I shared on waiters/waitresses.

Obviously the second point is customer service. I love and admire people who has an inner sense of excellent service! Thanks to all the amazing waiters and waitresses who can smile on a Friday night at crazy Christmas period and who remain truly kind – just as they were in Almárium! Huge respect to the chefs as well – they are the heroes of the kitchen!

Lastly the third and last preference on my short list is the individuality of the restaurant. I believe you can feel when a place is made with passion and it has its own spirit.

Amazing heart melting meals, excellent service and unique appearance! Recognizance of a top notch restaurant – for me!
Feel free to leave a comment with your list! 😉




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