The London Post

London, Rome, Paris – cities on everyone’s bucket list. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, yet there are those typical must see places. Why should I choose the same destination everyone else chooses? I guess this belief stopped me for a long time – I was trying to go to more authentic, smaller cities. Then I broke the ice. Here’s My London Story for You!


Working in an international environment – mostly with English people – left me with quite a knowledge about their culture. Plus I continuously heard I must go to London – for two years. I was too busy planning other sunny holidays and said no to many invitations.

Then, about a year ago my inner voice said: I have to go to London, I might actually fell in love with it. I skipped some time off travelling and I had the perfect reason to finally take a trip out – if you must know, I had to celebrate a top moment of my life. Not to mention, I was hungry for a new cuisine – yes England do have cuisine!

I actually went to London without planning much – I only told some of my friends that I’ll be in the city for a long weekend. Then it just became one of the best trips of the past few years.

I got so excited on my arrival I actually skipped eating and headed straight to find the perfect heels for the night out. Do snacks at Marks & Spencer count as lunch? Wait…food at M&S?! I had no idea they have such a thing and in a huge variety of rather tasty food – yaw dropped, pretty cool England!


No worries though, later on I went to the amazing Thai Square on Trafalgar with my lovely Londoners. I was too busy talking and munching, I forgot to take a food photo – this rarely ever happens. Excuse me for breaking my own rule, but you have to see this deliciousness – picture from: Thai Square’s Facebook. Just realising how London made me break a few rules, Geez!


Thai Square is definitely a must try in London! Such a nice menu and chilled area, my friends even told me off for being too loud – so unacceptable!

We ended up clubbing at Gilgamesh London. They mostly played R’n’B so I’ve got my moves going..until 2am. Even if I knew this will happen, why do clubs close at 2am? Really London, really?! The party usually just starts at that time! Apart from that I can’t complain, had an amazing time dancing and celebrating with friends.

Next day I was in need of an English breakfast, indeed!


A random trip to Hampton Court totally made my day. The weather was quite chilly, yet sunny but the view was AMAZING! Seriously, it’s such a beautiful area with those typical English houses and the Thames.

Surely I couldn’t miss out on an afternoon tea. I’ve tried tea with milk back at home before – hated it – so I was a bit scared yet adventurous enough to give it a second chance. Guess what, liking a proper English tea with milk turned out to be one of my favourite discoveries over there – the flavour totally melted my heart! Or was that a Nutella-mascarpone filled pancake? I’m the biggest fan of pancakes. When it’s warm and the mascarpone makes the Nutella creamier just like a piece of heaven in your mouth – pancake goals! 


On my third day I finally went to check out all the must-see sights in London. You won’t find me inside museums checking paintings for hours. Instead, I’ll be out and about cruising around the streets looking for cathedrals, castles and parks.

I just found out about being a park-lover girl deep down. Parks make me feel so relaxed. That was the case in Krakow before if you remember, and same happened in St James’s park in London. There’s something adorable in watching people go by or kids as they’re running around chasing pigeons and just laying down in the grass without a blanket – taking a moment of silence, not rushing to anywhere.


After a few hours wandering around the city, I got hungry and even though I didn’t really planned it, I ended up at Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks in Covent Garden. Covent Garden is lovely enough by itself – cute little shops everywhere! Should I explain my fangirling over Jamie Oliver before the Union Jacks experience? I will anyway.

I didn’t like him when I first saw his show on TV – what’s this huge hype for, I thought?! Then about two years ago I got myself watching one of his newest shows for an hour, amazed. The way he moves in the kitchen, the way he talks about food and how he cares for children and promoting an easy way of living healthier!

No question, I had to go to one of his restaurants! Everything was amazingly delicious but I want to highlight the homemade salted butter with fresh bread. No words People, NO WORDS! It is pure perfection!

If that wouldn’t be enough, I got in to M&M’s World by surprise.
OK, let me take a moment of self-reflection here. I feel like all of you think that I am such a crazy girl loving everything, fan of this – fan of that, with the question in your head: is she even an adult or a little kid?! I am an adult, alright?! I guess I can just admire things as a child could – purely happily.
Going back to my point, M&M’s World is fantastic but never take a hyperactive kid there – i.e. DO NOT let me go inside!

After all this ‘adrenalin’ the girl had to be taken to a relax-walk. Ended up at the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral which was shining in night lights already.


On my last day I had a final visit to The City to check the view from The Shard. Even though the weather was cloudy and grey – why was I even surprised by that?! – the view was magnificent! Wish to see it at sundown once – although I’m a sunrise person!


Had so less time till my flight back I had to compromise on Yo! Sushi. Why do I say compromise? Well I must admit it wasn’t the best sushi I’ve ever had – at all. For that price it was alright but still. I can get a way better quality sushi at home for less!


+1 tip to anyone who is about to visit London. Don’t buy a Hop On Hop Off bus ticket online before you go! I made that mistake. You won’t need it! London is a big city, but you can reach all the sights by walk, or metro/bus. In case of choosing public transport, use a contactless card! It’s way easier and cheaper than getting an Oyster card.


At the end of this post, I proudly say, London is really a big deal! I can now see why so many people told me to check it out! Going to London was one of my best decisions in 2016.

What’s on my list for next time I’ll be around? Notting Hill and a river cruise for sure…



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Wanderlust in Krakow – A lovely gem in Poland

You know the feeling when a city is just so close to you, you don’t even think about going there. After hearing many great feedback about Krakow, I finally decided to go there – plus the bus tickets were really cheap!

I totally fell in love with the city – like crazy! Krakow is simply the BEST DECISION if you ever feel like ‘let’s get out of here’ at home. It’s not a big city at all, 2 days is perfectly enough to see everything, but I could’ve stayed for two more weeks just to try out all the restaurants that catched my eyes.


Lux Express offers tickets on a very decent price! Plus I must say, the buses are rather comfy – although I can sleep on any moving vehicles anyway. We arrived in the early morning and decided to check out the sights before everything would be full of tourists.



The Wawel Royal Castle is beautiful with all its colours and there are flowers everywhere. We even went inside the Wawel Cathedral where I didn’t take photos – good girl!

Apart from breakfast places, I also like to discover nice cafes. Luckily we got a recommendation from locals. At first sight Alchemia can be a bit creepy – well, it freaked me out. But it’s seriously the place to be in Krakow! God knows why, I felt like I can hide from the world in there and they have an amazing variety of teas and coffees. Surprisingly I asked for a cappuccino and hummus. Yes, I eat hummus in almost every place I go to!

For the main meal we went to Zalewajka. Zalewajka is one of the cool looking restaurants in Krakow, with kind waitresses and a traditional Polish menu – a real traditional one.  Chose to eat pierogi and how well we decided! Look at these Polish dumplings filled with cottage cheese and bacon on top – yumm.

We were just wandering around the city admiring the sunshine and the fact that the city wasn’t full of tourists. Before going back to the accomodation we had a final look on Rynek Glowny – main square.


The next day was only about chilling an walking around..again. There’s a famous Polish sandwich, called zapiekanka which we obviously had to try. Sadly it was a bit of a disappointment for me. Maybe we picked the wrong place or maybe it was my unstoppable fear of pigeons – they were just coming closer and closer.


The last place we went to was one of my favourites in the city. I don’t even know what’s the place called. The area was full of fast food trucks and hammocks. Finally I had the chance to try the famous thai ice-cream. I literally watched all the videos about it on Instagram – rediculous I know. Obviously I asked for a mango-chocolate flavour…and WOW!!! Swinging in my hammock, eating the delish ice-cream. Loved it!

After this delicious goodness, we headed to the bus station as it was time to go home. As you can already guess, I highly recommend to visit Krakow if you’re in need of some battery charging! Best time to go is between March-May or August-October – in my opinion. 🙂



Rainy Nice – and a pinch of Monaco


Skipping the summer holiday this year made me a serious beach craving freak. It also made me decide to go to Nice, France in mid-October – because the weather must be sunny and warm, I can finally swim in the sea, right. I checked it and it supposed to be a nice weather but Nice decided to fool me.

Apart from the unfortunate weather it is a lovely city with cute little streets, where you can sense a bit of an Italian style not only on the streets but in the restaurants as well.

I couldn’t imagine a better start to my very first day in France than a crêpe – filled with Nutella, of course. As you can see I already had a tiny little bite before taking a picture.



The landscape is absolutely AMAZING from the Castle Hill! There’s even a beautiful waterfall, called Colline du Château. Definitely a must go place if you ever visit Nice!


I love wandering aimlessly whenever I’m in a different country. This is how we bumped into a sweet Italian deli and we immediately knew what we’re going to have for dinner. Breakfast and starters are the ABSOLUTE FAVORITES for me!!! Literally can jump and party around a nice brunch any time. What can be better than your own styled plate of starters with fresh bread?!

Moving on to bread…walking back from our first day I was looking for a cute little bakery and luckily we found it with fresh warm bread. I was beyond happy – yes, small things make me happy!

We decided to go there for breakfast the next morning. Can you tell how excited I was?!
Check it out on Facebook and if you wish to have an amazing French breakfast in Nice, just go there! Boulangerie Pâtisserie Jeannot 

We had puff pastry with melting cheese inside – can’t remember the name – and croissant with butter&jam plus cappuccino of course. It was so delicious we went there every day after and it even saved us from the rain once. They serve everything from sandwiches to desserts and whatever I tried was amazing! Loved it!


Another place to mention and which I highly recommend is Di Più Nice. Honestly in those 4 days we had a few bad experiences with restaurants, mostly because we have never been in Nice and we tried to explore it by ourselves. Anyways, on our last night we went to this amazing restaurant located on the États-Unis, so it has a beautiful view to the sea.

The sizing is definitely way too much for me in this city but this meal was one of the highlights of the trip. We tried spaghetti with seafood and rigatoni al forno – it was just as delicious as it would be in Italy!

I also have to mention the service. I’m a person who will walk out of any restaurant if the waiter/waitress is impolite because I’m always kind to the staff. Yes, I worked in customer service, yes I absolutely know how guests can be super irritating and I have never been disrespectful with any guests, no metter what he/she did or say.
This restaurant knows how to make the customer satisfied and happy with the service – a huge respect for that!


Regardless to the huge sizing, there’s always space for dessert, right?! Di Piu’s strawberry, raspberry, cranberry sorbet is just perfect!


We definitely needed a long walk at the seaside after this dinner, so we passed by Le Negresco and we were just amazed by the beautiful lights.


I was a bit disappointed we couldn’t go to Monaco because the weather was so unpredictable and rainy. Probably we had the biggest rain on our last days morning, then suddenly the Sun came up. I went crazy because I just madly wanted to see Monaco and I took it as a sign.

We had just about an hour there, but we made it and I definitely need to go back!



All in all Nice is a wonderful city. I’m sure I would’ve enjoy it even more if I could’ve swim a bit. I’d go back to that little bakery shop in a heartbeat and there’s much more to discover in the French Riviera!

Now here’s my first and favourite photo of Nice and a few more about the city.



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Vienna Christmas Market


I’ve visited Vienna with my lovely friends, just a week before Christmas. We went to check out the Austrian Christmas Market called Christkindlmarkt – and it reminded me I have to get back to learning German!

I absolutely loved the Holiday spirit in the city, with all the little wooden houses, streets dressed in Christmas lights and the crisp in the air.

Of course we couldn’t say no to Chrismas punch and Käsekrainer, which is an unbelievably amazing sausage with cheese inside. It’s sooooo deliscious, seriously the best sausage EVER!

After a few hours we decided to warm ourself up in a shisha bar and had some hummus with mint tea – because a plate of hummus is always welcomed.

The whole day we were searching for a special stuffed potato. My friend really wanted to try it as she was said it is delicious. I was pretty sure it’s the same thing as in Turkey – called Krumpir, famous streetfood – and so it was. We found it in the last market we went to, in front of Rathaus. Everyone was happy and satisfied as we were munching our potato and sipping on a last mug of Christmas punch before we left the city.

It was definitely a fun time getting in festive mood with friends! Unfortunatelly I didn’t had the chance to get a magnet, so I need to go back to Vienna and also eat a massive Schnitzel next time.